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This town is haunted...

Not by ghosts. By ghost stories.

GG's musical talents caught the attention of Welsh independent film production company Melyn Pictures, who approached her to craft the soundtrack for their chilling indie horror, "Scopophobia". This project marks a thrilling venture for GG, allowing her to explore the unsettling and the atmospheric in her compositions. Currently in post-production, "Scopophobia" promises to be a haunting experience, with a premiere lined up for film festivals in 2024.


Sometimes creative sparks fly when you step outside your comfort zone. GG had a blast collaborating with the talented Luke Jones of South Girl Production on a house track – a whole new world for her. It's always inspiring to connect with other musicians, and this project proves that amazing things can happen when you're open to exploring different sounds.


Studio vocalist and writer with the range to match your vision.
Elevate your sound, not just add a voice. Let's collaborate.

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